Business Storytelling & Writing Skills Training



The ability to tell brilliant stories has never been so important. Throughout history we have told stories to better engage with people but in business we seem to have forgotten this skill. All too often these stories get lost in a haze of jargon, business-speak and lengthy descriptions of processes and methodologies.

Learn how to tell stories that help to:

  • Inspire people and your team.
  • Create an environment where customers want tobuy more from you.
  • Engage with a wider audience to stimulateinterest in your products and services.

Ideal for: Conference speakers, business presenters and improving general business communication style.


  • What makes a great story? And how to tell it.
  • The need to have great Content; to be able to Structure the story; and then be able to Deliver it – the CSD of powerful story telling.
  • How to make stories memorable and relatable – to the point where they become retellable.
  • How to find the right word – at the right time.
  • The importance of the audience – and how to adapt your story to that audience.
  • How to create a hook – and leave the audience with the ‘punchline.’