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Our HR services help you to achieve your business goals through your people. Whether you require ongoing support or help with a specific HR challenge, or CIPD qualified consultants blend extensive creative agency and HR experience to deliver practical solutions to your needs.

A change in working practices and employee rights bought about by Covid-19 has placed many businesses into unchartered territory. Navigating this new landscape against a backdrop of diminishing workloads or potential client loss will inevitably affect your people – the heartbeat of your agency. And, as an employer, dealing with the practical implications of changes to legislation and the speed of reaction required can be confusing and time-consuming. That’s where The Amber Group can help.

We’re providing access, as you need it, to CIPD-qualified HR consultants with extensive experience of working within creative agencies. We stand ready to help you address a range of HR challenges through on-call advice and remote support. This includes:

Strategic planning and restructuring

If you need to reshape your business to put you in the best possible position to address the threats of today and plan for the opportunities of tomorrow, our consultants can offer advice on restructuring, managing the impact of change on your team and ensuring you have the right processes in place to meet your employment obligations.

HR policies and guidelines

A shift in emphasis to working, and managing work, remotely could mean changes to your existing HR policies and practices are needed to ensure they adequately support your business and comply with swiftly-changing employment rules. Amber’s consultants can advise on, draft and update these documents for you.

Managing teams remotely

Leading and looking out for the well-being of employees is all the more difficult from afar. Amber’s HR team can advise on best practice approaches to help you keep your people motivated, productive and as reassured as possible during testing times.

For more information on how to access The Amber Group’s HR Support team:

Richard Baines at or 07768 145572
Liz Baines at or 07843 246695