I’ve spent many years helping companies develop winning pitches and bids. One thing I’m often asked is what makes the difference between a losing and a winning presentation. For me, these three tips consistently stand out:

Tip 2: do or say something unexpected. Years ago, when training as a tabloid headline writer, I was told to come up with something to make people go ‘GOSH!’ – something unexpected, almost unbelievable, that made them want to know more.  So, look at your presentation deck and ask yourself: “Where’s the GOSH factor”? If there isn’t one, find one. And if you are struggling for that headline, do something that just feels different. For example, mix it up a bit by starting with your second point instead of your first…

Tip 1: start with your audience. What do they want to hear and how do you deliver something that resonates with everyone? While it’s important our stories have that GOSH factor, there will be different buyers in the room wanting different things. Some – procurement for example – will just want to know that you can do the job and have a process in place to ensure it’s delivered. As they say, different strokes for different folks.

Tip 3: very much connected to our previous one: personalise the story – but personalise it about THEM. All the best stories are about people. When we talk about people we make what we do for our clients that much more understandable. As the old saying goes, “facts tell, stories sell.” But tell the stories about THEM rather than YOU. Paint THEIR picture not YOURS. Describe the difference it will make to THEM and not YOU. Get THEM –  your audience –  to feel the pain or enjoy the success of the potential opportunity. It will engage and make them feel part of the story. And that will make them more likely to buy.

At the Amber Group, we are ALL communications experts. We know – because our clients tell us – that our advice and support for bids, pitches and presentations can often be the difference between winning and losing. We help build confident teams and equip them with the stories and content that make them stand out.

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Ken Deeks MBE is a Director of The Amber Group