Tell stories if you want to win!

In today’s Times, Matthew Syed, one of my favourite columnists, writes about how it is easier to sell if we can attach stories and a narrative to what it is that we are selling, describing how the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) used these techniques to turn a concept bought for a paltry $2m in 2001 to something worth $4.2bn when it was sold two years ago.

He describes how companies are finally catching on; how Steve Denning, former head of the World Bank, inspired a huge shift at the organisation by ensuring that presentations contained stories and narratives as well as data and spreadsheets. Stories included one which described how the life of a health worker in Zambia was saved by the organisation. “ When a story reaches our hearts, it takes hold of us,” he said.

McKinsey’s recently stated that “story telling is the most underrated corporate asset.”

At the Amber Group we help companies to build stories and narrative into their pitches, bids and presentations. If you have one coming up then please think about how you can bring them to life through impactful and compelling story-telling – or contact us to see how we might be able to help.

Ken Deeks MBE is a Director of The Amber Group
10th October 2018