Negotiation Training

Negotiating is a vital skill whether buying or selling, in professional or in personal life yet many people do not understand how to negotiate or lack confidence when negotiating.

In competitive business markets, skilled negotiation can be the difference between success and failure.

This is a practical, hands on session providing delegates with some simple tips and tricks on how to get the best outcome backed up by practical, real life examples from both the business and personal world.


At the end of the session, all delegates will have a greater understanding of how to negotiate with some key takeaways to use in actual negotiation situations. This programme will cover the following key areas:

  • Understanding the negotiating process
  • Demystifying negotiating ‘science’
  • Losing the acronyms BATNA, ZOPA, BAFO, PTN and others explained
  • The win win myth explored
  • The importance of word control
  • Understanding the difference between cost and value
  • Negotiating from a position of weakness
  • The enemy that is time
  • Silence and listening, big guns in the negotiating armoury
  • Planning dos and donts
  • Dealing with the procurement department (optional)

Content of the course

An interactive workshop with the emphasis on practical examples and real life scenarios. All delegates will have the opportunity to demonstrate their negotiating skills and to receive 1:1 feedback from the trainer. Unlike other courses which are theory heavy, this course draws on hands on experience and offers practical advice which can be used with immediate effect.

Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to improve their negotiating skills either buy side or sell side, public or private sector, PLC or SME.

The trainer

This course is delivered by a hands on senior procurement practitioner who has more than 25 years private sector experience of negotiating in different industries and countries across a range of goods and services. The last 8 years were spent as the CPO of a FTSE 250, other corporate experience includes Microsoft, BAE Systems, Alliance Boots and Diageo both in Europe and the USA.