Message Development

Every company and every product or service needs to be differentiated if it is to survive and prosper.

And not only does it need to differentiate but it also needs to be seen as compelling or exciting.

That is why organisations work so hard to identify and build messages that make them stand out from the crowd.


We provide objectivity and years of communications experience to help you identify exactly what it is that makes you different. We then turn those differentiators into compelling messages that help you to win.

Content of the course

  • Compelling and unique messages are developed through a facilitated workshop session. Prior to this, we will build an understanding of your business, your markets and your competitors to provide much needed context
  • Following the session .
  • This script can then be used for all sales and marketing activities and programmes

Who should attend?

Executives who have an interest in what they should be saying as individuals when representing the company and anyone involved in compiling sales and marketing collateral.

The Facilitator

This session is delivered by communication consultants with 25 years of experience developing and delivering effective messages for businesses and brands.