Media Training

In today’s fast-moving media world, it is imperative that your senior managers are skilled at handling media engagements.

Amber’s Media Training has been designed to ensure that all of your attributed spokespeople are able to maximise on a positive opportunity for press coverage, as well as equip them with the right tools to handle press intrusion that is less welcome


Amber media training has been designed specifically to help delegates to:

  • understand how the media works
    identify the roles played by different kinds of journalists
    know when to promote – and to know when to protect!!!
    build their own list of do’s and don’ts when handling a media interview
    use their own personalities to build effective relationships with influential journalists
    understand the rules of engagement and ‘barriers’ to develop goodwill
    put in place personal techniques which achieve a win:win for both the spokesperson and the journalist

Content of the course

Designed as a workshop, the course is an optimum mix of theory and practice.

Drawing on the extensive experience of our trainers – all our trainers are both ex-journalists and PR practitioners of at least 15 years’ experience – the workshop includes role play scenarios to practise style of delivery and test effectiveness of content. Although our media training sessions can be either one-to-one or group sessions, there is no doubt that there is additional benefit in having analysis and feedback from other team members.

Who should attend?

Senior managers who need to handle company-wide announcements – both good and bad!!

Managers with responsibility for a specific and important component within the business eg product line or company department.

Technical support handlers – who may need to provide the next level of details on products, services etc.

The trainers

Amber trainers are all ex-journalists and PR professionals who for a number of years have worked within the press community. Clients include Accenture, Deloitte, Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix.