Digital & Social Media Training for Marketers

Digital and social media have completely disrupted the marketing landscape. New opportunities and challenges abound. Our range of training helps marketers take full advantage of these critical and fast changing new aspects of our industry. We provide knowledge and practical advice about how to win, advise and keep clients through these innovative new approaches.

Our most popular half-day sessions are outlined below. Courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Training Modules:

Social media for marketers – Entry level, Intermediate & Advanced

Entry level

This workshop is for marketers of all levels who have little or no experience of using social media in a professional context. it will bridge their knowledge gaps and give them confidence to use social media in a day-to-day work environment. Delegates will improve their understanding of the key social media platforms, as well as gain insight into the essential tools for listening, publishing and engaging on each network. We’ll also cover the basics of social media measurement.


Many marketers are already using social media in a personal capacity. or are using it in a rudimentary fashion for their business. This workshop will further advance their knowledge and practical capability. it provides insight into best practice techniques for planning, managing and measuring social media activity.


Marketers and senior management executives already involved in social media activity on behalf of their business will benefit most from our advanced workshop. We take a deep dive into how social media works in the overall marketing mix. We also examine advanced social media measurement and evaluation techniques such as attribution analysis.

Google Analytics: a measurement & evaluation platform for marketing

Google Analytics provides the perfect platform for marketers to monitor, measure and improve the results of their marketing and social media campaigns. This session looks at the benefits of building Google Analytics into an essential element of your marketing campaign and provides the practical knowledge to use it effectively.

Using SEO in PR

Demand for search Engine optimisation (SEO) skills in PR continues to rise. However, adoption levels remain low. This workshop demystifies the subject for PR professionals while also providing practical insight into the tools and techniques that can be used in a typical, day-to-day PR workflow.

Developing social media strategies for PR and marketing

This workshop looks at the six steps to implementing a successful social media campaign as part of a wider PR and Marketing programme. Attendees will learn how to set objectives, establish their target audiences, identify the correct platforms to use and what types of content will be successful. An overview of essential social media management and measurement tools is also included.

Social media platforms for marketing

This series of workshops lifts the lid on the key social media platforms in use today and explains how marketing professionals can identify and make the best use of particular platforms for their campaigns.

Agencies can concentrate on one platform for a deep dive half-day session. or choose from up to three of the following list for a broader overview of social media related marketing techniques and tools: Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Google+, youTube, Pinterest, instagram, vine or Quora.