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Tell stories if you want to win!

In today’s Times, Matthew Syed, one of my favourite columnists, writes about how it is easier to sell if we can attach stories and a narrative to what it is that we are selling, describing how the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) used these techniques to turn a concept bought for a paltry $2m in 2001 […]

Posted: October 2018

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European success; it takes more than teamwork to win

Europe’s Ryder Cup success shows the importance of teamwork – but it’s preparation and desire that will really enable you to win. Much will be made of a wonderful team ethos being a major contributor to Europe’s Ryder Cup victory over the US at the weekend, and rightly so.   The European Ryder Cup team […]

Posted: October 2018

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Amazon boss says customers are divinely discontent. Are yours?

I loved reading the quotes from Amazon boss Jeff Bezos as reported in the Sunday Times at the weekend. In his latest letter to Amazon shareholders, Bezos wrote: “One thing I love about customers is that they are divinely discontent. Their expectations are never static – they go up. It’s human nature. We didn’t ascend […]

Posted: May 2018

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Can I Persuade You? Tips for persuasive writing

How’s your persuasive writing? We all have someone in our business that writes great copy – the person we go to when we want that proposal or campaign idea to leap off the page and into the mind of our client. It’s like the creative equivalent of a musical earworm. “I just can’t get it […]

Posted: March 2018

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Three Tips for Winning Pitches

I’ve spent many years helping companies develop winning pitches and bids. One thing I’m often asked is what makes the difference between a losing and a winning presentation. For me, these three tips consistently stand out:   Tip 2: do or say something unexpected. Years ago, when training as a tabloid headline writer, I was […]

Posted: February 2018

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Tonight, is yet another amazing Byte Night, but this time it’s a real milestone as it’s the 20th Byte Night and the year that total fund-raising goes through the £10m mark. This is also my last sponsored Byte Night and the last time, therefore, that I will be asking you to sponsor me. I shall, […]

Posted: October 2017

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There’s a new type of leader out there. And it’s one that listens.

As someone who sometimes runs leadership training courses, I am always intrigued by the different leadership styles adopted by people.   I was therefore fascinated by the profile of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, in The Times on Saturday.   Succeeding Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Mr Nadella is a very, very different type of leader, […]

Posted: September 2017

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PR: A Penny for Your Thoughts?

The pressure to do… I was using the washroom of a top London PR agency recently – in between training sessions – when a chap wandered in, deeply engaged in conversation, his mobile phone clasped to the side of his face. As he stood at the urinal, he proceeded to splash and dash with one […]

Posted: August 2017

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Tips for achieving that win-win

Life is a Negotiation

“In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate,” said Chester L. Karrass, author and negotiation guru. Those words have never been more poignant than in recent times.   Sitting on the train, free commuter tabloid in hand, I notice a clear theme to the issues of the […]

Posted: July 2017

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Eight Tips for Mastering Constructive Feedback

Feedback is important for motivation, improvement and learning in the workplace. Not exactly headline news there, and already a widely accepted point of view. But if feedback is good for us, why then, do so many of us fear giving (and receiving) it? I ask this question in my People Management workshops and the responses usually follow […]

Posted: June 2017

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When it comes to storytelling, it’s charities who can teach us a thing or two!

By Ken Deeks   The great thing about working with charities is that you see the very best in people.   And you also get exposed to the best story tellers.   Everyone’s talking about ‘story telling’ these days. As an ex-journalist and PR man, it’s what I’ve always done – but it’s nice to […]

Posted: May 2017

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Amber Group hosts industry experts for PR Leadership debate

The Amber Group and Reuben Sinclair recently hosted a panel discussion with industry experts to address the important issue of Leadership in PR. The lively discussion drew on the insight of a vastly experienced panel to discuss the role of leadership in developing and retaining agency people. Panellists included: Alison Clark – Alison has spent her […]

Posted: November 2016

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Amber makes the news at ITN!

The Amber Group has won a significant contract to provide management and leadership training to ITN. The contract, which will be delivered over a twelve month period, followed a RFP involving six training companies. The main thrust of the programme is to provide ITN managers and leaders with the skills and insight required to get […]

Posted: September 2016

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Preparing for a presentation – here’s my top 5 tips to making it a great success!

I was recently asked by a client to identify what I believed to be the top 5 tips for an effective presentation. That really got me thinking! I actually first thought of about 15, then shortlisted it down to 8, and then taking my own advice that “less is more” I finally whittled it down […]

Posted: May 2016

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Three tips to make you a continuous coach

I was running a How to Make an Impact in Meetings workshop for a bunch of new-to-the-game PR agency executives recently when I was struck by a question. “The main thing I want to know is how to behave when there is food served at a meeting; do I launch right in or hold back?” […]

Posted: April 2016

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Thinking about a new strapline? Just Don’t Do it!!!

As a specialist in communications, I am always interested in the messages that companies try to convey about themselves. As such, I have always been fascinated by the use of the strap line; and I found myself giving further thought to it only yesterday when, on being held at some lights on a train journey […]

Posted: March 2016

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